TODOR – Todor fashion company was established in 1989. in Vrnjačka Banja (Vrnjačka Spa). Its founder and owner is Mr. Todorović Mirko. This company is very successful from its early days – in 1990 it won Silver Fawn Award at the Fashion Fair in Belgrade. The main stress Todor company puts on manufacturing of kids collections. What Todor distinguishes from its competitors is unique design which is quite in accordance with the design of Todor retail shops. With further development this fashion company recorded great results by winning many awards at textile fairs.  Todor has formed a recognizable brand. After abolition of economic sanctions Todor exhibited at the fairs in Paris, Cologne, Birmingham, Valencia, Prague, Moscow ...
Todor employs 750 workers now, it owns the latest technology for design and it manufactures ready-to-wear collections and knitted fabrics. With its big retail shops chain this brand became renowned in all Eastern European countries. Todor's main goal is conquering of USA, EU and other developed countries markets. It already records results in that regard either independently or in cooperation with other renowned world brands such is Benetton.