About us

The first Fashion Week in Eastern Europe. Actively supporting Serbian design, talent and quality for the last 25 years.

The Belgrade Fashion Week, the first project of this kind in East and South-East Europe, has been being  organised twice a year for twenty-five years now.

Given that it gathers the most important Serbian designers and fashion companies, renowned foreign brands on the local market, talented young designers, fashion design students, interesting international fashion designers as well as numerous local and foreign media, it is considered to be one of the leading fashion events in the region.

Following the examples of great world fashion centres, the Belgrade Fashion Week has a proven track record. Local designers have now a place where they can present their collections. Young talents get a chance to make their first steps in the real world of fashion and to show their work to the widest public. The media can cover an appealing and glamorous event. The public can enjoy beauty in the course of seven days. Business people can get together and explore potential business options…and last, but not the least, Belgrade has an event which makes its business, cultural, art and tourist agenda more appealing and adds a very charming modern nuance to its image.

The Belgrade Fashion Week puts an emphasis on linking the local fashion scene with the nearby markets and leading world fashion centres.  Regional fashion scene project – Zone 45 is a step towards the realization of this idea. Its meaning is symbolic, because the meridian 45° east of Greenwich extends through Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. The aforementioned countries are currently involved in the project. But, designers from Montenegro, Bosnia and Macedonia have announced their participation as well.

Belgrade Fashion Week constantly aspires to remain the key fashion centre of the region and to stand eventually side by side with similar events in the world in terms of standards and quality.