The city premier event established in 1996 as the first Fashion Week in Eastern Europe.

Belgrade Fashion Week is a commercial, promotional and artistic fashion event on the Balkans, created and inspired by similar established international events. Established in 1996, it is organised twice a year at the end of October and in March.

Given that fashion is a global phenomenon, BFW focuses on both national and international levels by enabling each season the exchange of ideas and know-how from different designers and brands. Therefore, BFW advocates the continual education, involving all factors on the fashion scene.

BFW constantly supports and invests in independent fashion designers and young talents because fashion design, as part of the creative industry, is supported insufficiently by the social environment due to the lack of financial resources.

On the whole, BFW gathers round the most important Serbian designers and fashion companies, renowned foreign brand present on the local market, interesting international fashion designers, talented young designers and fashion design students, business people from the domains of fashion industry and media.

One of his most important projects – the BFW DESIGN COLLECTIVE Association has created a network that connects more than 80 independent Serbian designers. These designers are focused on contemporary fashion and production of small series. The Belgrade Fashion Week puts an emphasis on linking the local fashion scene with the nearby markets and leading world fashion centres. The regional fashion scene project – Zone 45 – is a step towards the realization of this idea.

The main characteristic of Belgrade Fashion Week is its great ability to merge the artistic and commercial aspect of fashion.


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